Uploading duplicate data


I have some data I'm uploading onto Outsystems by excel and I'm adding new rows to the same spreadsheet weekly. However, each time I upload them onto Outsystems,  it reuploads the whole sheet,  I just want to upload the new and/or updated rows. I know it's probably something simple but I can't think of it for the life of me.



Ed -

On each look for the insert, do a query to the DB and see if identical data is there first, and go back to the "ForEach" if it is (check if Query.Count = 0). It will be helpful if the spreadsheet contains a unique identifier that won't change in the data you have already imported, otherwise you'll have to think of something creative to identify duplicate rows.



I just added an extra column for the unique ID. I'll see what happens!
Yes Justin,
Need to check before inserting data into DB.