I've added a SilkUI FileUpload widget to my webscreen, and now I want to use the image in a screen action. How can I achieve that? The FileUpload widget doesn't seem to have a "Content" property, like the regular Upload widget.

Why don'tyou give Forge's Dropzone a try? ;)

Same question.  The Silk "File Upload" widget exposes an "Id" property and nothing else.  How do you access the underlying Upload control to get its properties?

Hi David,

You can check the samples mentioned here (Silk UI has a Samples application you can inspect to see how things are done).

Hope it helps!

Jorge, thank you.  The samples help for a mobile app, but this is a web app.  In the mobile app, the upload widget has properties you can access for the image and filename, but in the web app there is nothing other than the control id.  How do you get the image and its properties selected by the user?

Inserted Upload widget:

Properties accessible in the action (id only):


Hi David,

The Silk UI FileUpload pattern requires you add an Upload widget to its UploadWidget placeholder... it's the Upload widget that will handle the actual upload (and have the Content runtime property), the FileUpload pattern only helps with UI, not with the actual upload of the file.


Jorge, thank you.  I have it working.