ListRecords with Web Block refresh problem

Hi all,

I am a newbie in Outsystems and I am working on a toy application to deepen my knowledge of the platform. I am using ServiceStudio 9.1 in cloud.

In one of the pages (T24Hosts) I have a ListRecords widget which contains a Web Block. The WebBlock has a ShowRecord widget and a BarChat which are mapped on an input parameter (custom structure).

The WebBlock also has the options to Delete or Edit current record and notifies the page through Notify action.

The New button is on the main page and it works fine, the list shows a new record as it's created.

The problem is with the Delete button from the Widget: the notification looks good in debugger, the database is updated but the List is not refreshed correctly: the current list row is deleted, but the rest of the rows are duplicated.

If I refresh the screen it looks good again.

I suspect it has something to do with the local variables, although they all look good in the debugger.

This is the situation before the delete:

And here after deleting the last row:



Hi Codrut,

I have attached the screenshot containing the sequence of the action onnotify.

Modify your action accordingly. i hope this will resolve your problem.

Alternate solution: after delete action you can simply reload your page at the end by adding the destination to the current page.

Always provide the pre-populated data in your sample oml for better understanding of the problem, even hard-coded data will work because without data it become difficult to provide adequate solution.


Manish Jawla

Hi Manish,

Thanks for the reply, The alternate solution with reloading the page works perfectly and in this case I guess it would be more suitable.

But changing the flow as you advised didn't solve the problem and I was hoping to understand what I have done wrong conceptually in working with lists.

Can you advise a link where I can read about prepopulating the data in oml, I don't remember having seen something  related in the tutorials


Hi Codrut,

first thing, only provide the sample page in the oml which is required, not the whole project.

Second, i have attached the sample oml for prepopulated data example.

please find the resource file and in Logic i have created the action to create data and call it while publishing.

I hope this will help you

Hi Codrut,

There was some logical priblem in your code i have made some changes in delete action onNotify of T24host page and Preparation and now it is working fine.. please find attached oml.

Ok guys,

Thanks to Sahshi I learned that after the Notify action ended the Preparation was called again by the sytem. I hadn't equipped the Preparation with logic for clearing the local variables as I thought those will be anyway cleared by the system each time it is called. 

If I set the method type to Ajax for the Delete button then the Preparation is not called again and this solves all the problems.

Thanks for supporting me on this.

Hi Codrut,

Please mark it as solution if it what you want ..This can also help others.