Front End Servers??

Front End Servers??



I had a very less access to ServiceCenter in my organization but now I have given some more rights to this ServiceCenter part and I could see more things are there.

I see section for Front End Server. So I would like to know more about it. Can anyone please provide me more info about Front End Servers and how does this work? How many front end servers we can have on our development environment?

Also my task is to enable HTTPS on front end server i.e. OutSystems frontend servers needs to be configured to use HTTPS. Please advice how to do that.

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Suraj Borade

Front-end are similar servers that share the workload.

In simple terms your back-end is the database, the front-ends handle the OS task of creating and delivering pages to visitors, running timers, and so on.

You can divide them by zones if your company is really large, but most cases don't need it. In development I don't see any meaninful advantage of having more that one.

I don't know of a limit. I had two frontends for a brief period, but I've been working with only one for a long time now.

Adding Front-Ends

HTTPS is easy. You can add certificates in Service Center and configure each page/screenflow to use or not HTTP Security. Here we secured the server instead of the pages,but that is made by networking team, not developemnt.