Enable-Disable Timer Having Schedule?

Enable-Disable Timer Having Schedule?


The scheduled Timer execution and Wake a Timer that has no schedule is fine, but what about the case when you need to:

1) Start (enable?) a Timer that has a schedule, but is Disabled in Service Center

2) Let it poll some resource or state until the polled state changes to some value

3)  Put the Timer back to sleep (disable?) after handling the completed polled results

I suppose I could just let it keep polling, even when there is no job to monitor, but that seems rather sub-optimal.  Simply having a Sleep action that the Action called by Wake invokes could avoid that.

Version 9.1.400, on-premises  

Hi Bill,

i have attached the advance query through which you can enable and disabled the Timer depend upon your choice. 

Simply set the next run to NULL when you want to disable the Timer.

For Enabling simply set the next run time.


Manish Jawla