SilkUIFramework - Tab Widget OnChange Action

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to know if it's possible for me to trigger an onChange action when clicking on a tab using the "Tabs" navigation SilkUIFramwork Widget?

I need this because when clicking on the Save button the page is reloaded and the initial tab is selected. Need to find a way to keep the current tab selected when this happens.

Thanks in advance.

Hi!! I'm having the same issue, I need to know the active tab.. did you find the solution?

Thank you!!

Hi Carolina,

I had a similar problem with needing a notify when collapsing/expanding a section expandable.

I ended up making a copy of the pattern and adding an action that notifies back on change of the pattern.

This is one way you can achieve this.

Let me know if you have any problems,


Carolina Bessa wrote:

Hi!! I'm having the same issue, I need to know the active tab.. did you find the solution?

Thank you!!

Hi Carolina,

Yes :) Not sure if this will help you but I found two workarounds:

1 - Create a local variable for the "ActiveTab" input field and set it in a screen action and then refresh the tabs widget.

2 - Another way is to use the Widget_Click Action which can be found inside the RichWidgets eSpace. Name the label so that you can reference it with the Widget click action:

Please let me know if I wasn't clear enough.

Good luck! :)

Hi Ricardo

Thank you for your reply.. 

I will try that, but not sure if it will help because there is no submit on my screen, only the navigation among tabs... so the click on a tab should be the trigger to an action and we dont have this possibility :(

Maybe I can work something with your option 2.

Lets see. I will put here if I find a solution.

Thank you again!


Hi again,

Based on your feedback I have another suggestion for you - although I haven't tried it, it might just work. 

Why not add a link to the tab label which will trigger an action? Then you can use additional logic to try to identify the tab you clicked on and use my previous post's suggestions to guarantee the the tab stays selected. Just a suggestion.

Curious to see what solution you come up with.


Hi Ricardo

Yes, this was what I just did and it works!

I created action TabClick that is called by tabs links and added 2 local variables: SelectedTabId (global) and ActiveTabId (to the action TabClick). Then on this action, I save the active tab on the global variable and refresh the widget I need. It works great!

Thank you for your help!