Get generated request url in REST API.

Get generated request url in REST API.


Hi Guys,

How I can get the generated URL in my REST API?

I need to check if I have a correct request url because I'm using ODATA query to filter a supplier by its Name.

My url is something like this:

/SupplierCategory/Get?$skip={skip}&$top={top}&$orderby={orderby}&apikey={apikey}&companyid={CompanyId}&$filter=Name eq '{SupplierName}'

Hi Jovvy,

I'm assuming that you are using "Consume REST API".

For that, you have some ways to understand what you are sending in request.

  1. Add a "OnBeforeRequest" callback with a breakpoint and check what will be your URL
  2. Turn on tracing for your REST API and check the request and payload in Service Center
  3. Use an external tool (like fiddler or wireshark or something related) to check the request and payload.

Let us know if it helped.

Best regards.