Newbie question for all you pros out there

Newbie question for all you pros out there


I have 2 entities, linked as a parent/child. When I list the parent records, I want to also show the number of children every record has. I tried adding an expression but I can't seem to have access to the child data. 

Could you please help me out? I`ve added my .oml file. 

I want to populate "Nombre de valeurs" from the page "Domains" with the number or records in "DomainValue" linked to each "Domains". 

Thank you

you can do that by adding the two tables in the same aggregate, and count the child elements, while you group the parent elements

I tried that already. Do I have to put that aggregate in the page preperation or the refreshtable action?


the aggreate is part of the preparation.

I`ve tried to make it work for an other hour but I just don't seem to get it. I`ve attached a new file.

Thanks a lot.

Gotta bump, sorry

Hi Francois,

1. You can make an aggregate containing Domain and DomainValue Entities, Just hide all the fields except the following:





Note: check the joining condition it must be set to with or without (please see picture for reference)

2. Count the DomainValue.Id field and group it by the other 3 fields.

3. Use this aggregate as the source record of your DomainTable.

I hope this solves your problem, let me know if you have anymore question.

Best Regard,