[AutoCompleteTag] Conflicts with jQueryUI

Forge Component
Published on 2016-05-31 by Mónica Mateus
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Published on 2016-05-31 by Mónica Mateus

Hi Monica,

The component as a stand alone widget works great, but when I tried to use it in a page where I included jQueryUI v.1.11.4 (for custom drag/drop widget functionality), it breaks with "TypeError: e.widget.extend is not a function".  I believe the auto-complete injects another version of jQueryUI in the page which messes things up.



P.S. Removing my jQueryUI script in the page breaks my drag/drop functionality...

Hi Marco,

There's a conflict between the Jqueries present in the page. I think we have to set the jQuery for yours to a .NoConflict() method and have it assign on the drag/drop function.

If you have a sample OML, I'm glad to help you with this