I'm new to OutSystems, and learning about extensions, and I have a simple one set up that I am calling from a test Outsystems project. We are using version 8 (employer cannot upgrade).

I was hoping to pass one of the intrinsic aps.net objects to the extension, but they don't seem to be available when I set up the action that calls my extension.

For instance, I wanted to pass the asp.net Form or Response object so my extension can directly access the HTML of the page and create some new HTML elements based on program logic.

Is that possible?

Hi Tim,

You are not supposed to manipulate the page html controls in extensions.

Technically it would probably be possible, but these kinds of changes to the underlying application are not supported, so you should not go that way.

What do you want to do there that you can't do in the application logic?

João Rosado