Hi Everyone!!

There's one thing I really need to achieve.

We are developing an app and at some point of it one group of users must upload files (pdf, xml, doc, flat files, etc) and at some other point another group of users should be avaliable to have a preview of those files. I've already see one post about downloading files, it shouldn't be much problem for me letting users to download files. 

I have trouble trying to make a preview of uploading files; I try the iframe widget already and I pass the URL of the uploaded file and I get a "No preview avaliable" message.

Anoyne that could help me with this?

Thanks in advance.!

Hi Rubén,

I think the problem here is that the browser itself may not know how to render some of the files you mention.

For images, textfiles xml or even pdf, usually browsers have embedded plugins that allow them to read and render such files, however for doc or xls files is not that simple.

There are plugins that you can install in your browser in order to allow the render of such files, however that would require every user to have that running on their browsers.

I think, the best option is for you to first find a way of converting each file into html and then you can use the iFrame to render it and you know it will render on any user and browser, because it's just plain html.

Not sure if there's a easier way.

Hope this can help you.