Uninstall unused Lifetime not recommended. Why?

Hi guys,

I actually don't need a solution for this, just want to create a discussion to possibly have a solution in the future.

So, Some years ago, we had the mistake of installing Lifetime in the production environment, which of course it was installed also in development and testing environment. It was working well, slowly but well.

As a recommendation from OutSystems, 2 months ago, we have created a separated server to install Lifetime there and inactivate the one that is in the other environments. This worked pretty well, and now, Lifetime is running fast and smooth.

Now, I believe we should delete Lifetime from all the other environments, since they are offline, they shouldn't be doing anything. But still, I've asked OutSystems support if we could do this without having any issues, which they've answered:

"Unfortunatly, once LifeTime is installed you cannot remove the application...". "Lifetime cannot be fully removed from an environment where it was previously installed because dependencies regarding OutSystems components and its metamodel were created on installation.
Removing it would not guarantee the proper behavior of the OutSystems Platform and, as such, the recommended and supported procedure is to Take it Offline after removing all the registered environments.

My question is, what? Why do we have OutSystems components that depends on Lifetime? I know that Lifetime doesn't consume any Software Units, but still, we would like to have our factory as clean as possible.

What do you guys say about this?

Best regards,

Nelson Freitas

Hey Nelson,

First of all, thank you for your question!

Regarding your question, when we install Lifetime, we insert and modify a lot of data in the database that cannot be easily reverted. Unfortunately, it is a task that must be done manually and it is error-prone. 

There are so much details! Such errors could harm the correct functioning of the environment thus we don't advise you to do it.


That true Lara,

I had asked the same question to OS support and they said instead of removing it completely we can just deassociate the servers from life time and take the application offline.



Hey guys,

Lara, yes I understand it must be hard to do such a thing, but as you know, big factories sometimes have "Cleanup" projects to check what is deprecated and should be removed. We should have some kind of a process to clean deprecated data. On this case, Lifetime is one of them.

Pramod, thanks, yes that's what we did, as you might have read in my first post. What I really would like is to get rid of it, instead of "hiding" it.