Problem trying to open file in a new tab

Problem trying to open file in a new tab


Hello everyone,

Basically I am trying to visualize a .pdf file in a new tab when clicking on a link.

The issue is that the file has not been sent to the server yet, being stored in a local variable with the data type of "FileEntity List".

Additionally, the file information is sent by a link with Method set to "Submit" because of the type of data type that is being sent.

Then, in the other page, it receives the file as a input parameter and the preparation ends with a download element and its "Save to Disk" option set to "No" so it opens in the browser instead of dowloading the file.

I have already tried to add extended properties [target="_blank"] to the link but it keeps opening in the same tab.

The file visualization is working(on the tab that I currently am), the only problem is that I can't make it work in the new tab.


Guilherme Santos

Hi Guilherme,

Please share your oml so that i can identify and try to fix it.



I have the same problem. I need a PDF file to be displayed in another tab.