Input_Calendar RichWidget inital Date issue

Input_Calendar RichWidget inital Date issue


I am using 2 dates control on the form, I want to initialze the date2 with date1 selected value. Please see the attached image.

So if Date 1 changes, you want to update Date 2? 

Normally, there's an On Change event on the textbox. You can use that one to trigger and action and update the value of Date 2

thanks for your reply, I want to initialize the Date2 control  with date1 selected date,

e.g Date1 Date: 12/10/2016

When I click Date2: then the clander show me pre selected date "12/10/2016"  

Day => 12, Month=>10 and year => 2016   


Do you want implement feature such as whenever there is change in Date1, it should be reflected for Date2?

If yes, Kurt's suggestion will work fine.

-- Suraj B

Yes true, but I want to do it on client side, I don't want to run it on server, I knew Kurt's suggestion works, anyways I have solve the issue but calling a JS function onBlur of date1 textbox and updated the date2 textbox.


Yes if don`t want to call server side event then always need to use JS or Jquery.