Dublin Theme> Mobile View Missing Elements, Alignments and mobile-specific components

Hi fellow citizen developers :)

I am fairly new to OS and created a sample application using Dublin theme. The application in desktop turned out to be really good with all the visual components as expected. But in mobile, I see challenges like

  1. Missing application menu
    • The application menu is missing in mobile view.
  2. Issues with content alignment
    • If you see the attachments, the tiles below "Requests" are not organized properly in mobile. If I need to have specific alignment for mobile alone (eg: 2x2) and preserve the desktop alignment (1x4) of tiles, how shud i proceed with such device specific changes
  3. Adding mobile specific widgets like bottom menu, etc.,
    • How do I go about adding mobile-specific widgets that should appear only in mobile view and not in desktop screens.

Please feel free to direct me to any link or documentation that might help me or add your explanation here. I would really appreciate it. 

I have attached the necessary files for your review.



Desktop View:

Mobile View:

Hi Gokul.

SilkUI Framework has widgets and actions that can help you with the issues that you're having.

You can explore some sample pages in this link and download the OML file from the Forge.

This might help you.


António Marques

Thanks a lot!