our current company policy implies to always use Lifetime for deployments. If something happens during the deployment, there is no workaround (we don't use Service Center Solutions). In last case we call OutSystems support to help us fixing Lifetime.

I'm using Lifetime for several months now, and there is one thing that I miss here a lot, but maybe I'm not seeing it right.

Every time that I do a deployment from a development environment to a testing environment, the development team needs to stop publishing eSpaces because in case the deployment returns an error in the middle, I need to start over. That is a real pain here.

I know that using service center for deployments, it's possible to upload a solution version, and then, use that version to publish (deploy). In case something happens, I can always try again with that uploaded version.

So, my question is, is there a way to do something like that through Lifetime? Maybe there's a plugin or something? I don't think the "Save Plan" works for that, because when a deployment aborts, there is no saved plan, and also I believe that Saving a Plan is only saving the application "names" to deploy, not the eSpaces. How can I save a "solution" version in Lifetime, so I can retry with that version every time  there is an error while deploying?

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Nelson Freitas

Hi Nelson.

Tagging a version does what you need. When you tag a new version for each application in the dev environment, the espace versions that were tagged are the espace versions that will be deployed to the next environment.

After tagging versions your developers can keep working on the espaces and even brake them. When you start deployment, LifeTime will publish the espace versions associated to the tagged version you choose, which in many cases may not be the latest version available for the espaces.

More information here:

Hi Carlos,

that helps a little bit.

I will need to register in some place which applications will I deploy. it will take a little bit more work, but I believe it might work. It would be nice to get the saved plan and restart from there...