Where can I watch the webinars recordings?

Where can I watch the webinars recordings?


Hi there,

This community page is way better than the previous one (kudos to the team), but as far as can see some information is yet somehow hidden. There were a lot of webinars happening and others to happen in a near future. I find very difficult to know where can I get the webinars recordings (I found this post by accident) and a list of the next ones. 

Maybe we should have some kind of page with the webinars along with the available courses. By now, I would be quite happy to get that information as an answer to this post :)



Hi Thomas, 

Thanks a lot for the feedback: it is very important for us!

I leave you here:

- our first season videos

- our second season page

- our next webinar

Hope it helps!


 Thanks, Joana! Maybe it would help other developers to have this post pinned :)

P.S.: the first link isn't point to an url. can you fix it?