We are migrating data from Adabas to Sql Server. My routine is ready (Figura 01).

I'm having a trouble into the second advanced sql because It owns a input parameter (Figura 02).

The Advanced Sql, without the input parameter works just fine (Figura 03 and Figura 04).

If I type into the Test Input into the parameter CaeProcurado the value 20761 (Figura 05), it gives me a error (Figura 06).

I just dont know whow to solve it

Hi giocastro,

Please find the link below:


i hope this will help you.


Manish Jawla

Dear Manish Jawla thanks for your suggestion...

I've tryed everything that you suggested before post into Forge... and it doesnt work. Look at the file tests_executed.doc

Could you help me what else could I do?


Problem solved! We followed the logic bellowed