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Published on 25 Mar by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 25 Mar by OutSystems R&D

I want to use the RangeSlider to let users select a single dollar amount between $50,000 and $150,000 (e.g. salary). I have the range configured and the step set to 1,000.

However, how do I make the RangeSlider display currency rather than a simple integer?



Hi Bruce,

by default, SilkUI RangeSlider displays simple integer only. I hope on the next update there will be an additional option to display labels. While waiting for the update, My suggestion is that we will create a custom RangeSlider if you really need to have a prefix label for the price. 



Hello Bruce,

Has Cy said, Silk UI Range Slider does not have that option. I'm adding your feedback to our backlog to be analysed.

Nevertheless, Cy suggestion is a really valid one: you can copy the Range Slider Pattern to your own application, and then add the currency to it.

Best Regards,

Samuel Jesus

Samuel - for future enhancements, please also consider getting the range sliders to work with decimal ranges - for things like interest rates for loans.