Static Entity - Misbehaviour

Static Entity - Misbehaviour



I have three records in static entity as Individual, Corporate and Departmental.

I use this entity to create Combo Box. Hence I got three values in Combo Box.

I added fourth record in Static Entity as Home Made. After that I rolled back to previous version but in browser I still see four records.

 I should see only three records. 

Please advice.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Hi Suraj,

I've created a static entity and populated a dropdown with it. Then I proceed as you and removed one record from the static element. It disappeared from my dropdown, so I was not able to reproduce your problem :(

Did you try to clean the browser's cache? Sometimes I have problems because I don't reset my browser's cache.


Hi Suraj,

You probably have some warnings during the eSpace deployment, saying "Home Made" record was not deleted due to existing DB constraints, waring should be something like:

Record 'XYZ' of 'STATIC_ENTITY NAME'' static entity will not be effectively deleted since entities in other Catalogs/Schemas may be using it. Please delete it manually after validating all entities with references to it.

You can delete the record directly from the DB to see the error, and after solving the DB relationship issues, please deploy the eSpace.

Hope it helps you!

Best regards.

Daniel Martins