device location


i'm having a bit of trouble getting device location to update in a popup.  it seems to work fine on the webscreen.  I'd like it to be updateable via a popup, but nothing seems to happen.  Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?

Hi Steve,

Can you share details about how you are implementing it? It would help me to understand.


Hi Thomas, 

sorry  I should have done that.  I've got an inspections module that lets someone report the condition and location of assets.  In the asset detail page, I have lat. and long. fields and I've followed the google maps module instructions to have those auto populated on page load.  that works fine, but i'd like the location update to be a manually triggered event, so I created an 'update location' link and tied it to a popup.  I put a form with lat. and long. fields in it, and moved the GetLocationLink and widget to the popup (tied the link to the new fields), but nothing seems to happen.