[Custom Input Masks] Different behavior on browsers
Forge component by Sara Gonçalves

Hi Sara,

We are testing your Custom Mask in different browsers and we are facing some issues.

In IE, it is working

In Firefox, if I use 999 mask , it accepts text

In Chrome, if I use 999 mask, it accepts more than 3 digits.

In Edge, same behavior of Firefox.

Do you have any tips or restrictions about this issues?

Best Regards


Hello Fabio,

I tried to reproduce that behavior in the last version of CustomMasks and I wasn't able to get the same issue. I don't know if the previous version had that behavior, but could you try to download the last one and check if that continues to happen? 

Best Regards,

Sara Gonçalves

Hi Sara,

Thanks for your help. We are using the latest version. In fact, we were starting our project now and we were looking for mask components. I don´t know why but in our scenary it was not working. At first moment we use other component only to demo purpose and I will try Custom Mask again later to check if this issue is still happen.

Thanks again


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