How to change dynamic text (Multilingual)

HI All,

I am adding multilingual feature in my application , i have added the resource file and translated the static labels and are working fine. I have some dynamic labels in my application which are coming from database table and those are not being translated.

Can some has any idea to change those dynamic lables.




Hi Pramod,

The static resources you mentioned, as well as static entities values are translated in design time, since the allowed values are all known from the start.

Regarding dynamic values, you need to have them stored in a external datasource (ex: database table).

In the case of a database table you would add an extra column called "Locale" and store the value for each row, depending on the locale.

When obtaining the values to show on the screen you will need to add a extra condition, requiring the correct translation, based on the application current locale.

You can obtain the value of the current locale, using the GetCurrentLocale builtin function.

You can use this Forge Application as reference:



I have the same thought to keep then in database based on language id and translate at the same time of changing the language. Thanks for your suggestion.




Just remember that some of those dynamic translations are immutable (e.g. Country Names) and other may change during time (e.g. welcome messages, legal messages, alerts)

In that case, consider the possibility of having a backoffice to manage translations, so the changing in those messages is faster and doesn't require a direct database update.

Moreover, which such backoffice the business people may be autonomous managing such translations.  

Keep up the good work.


I am creating a screen for that to update mappings...simple crud.