date field behave differently on desktop, mobile chrome, mobile firefox

two date fields, policy from date, policy to date

when policy from date change, policy to date will be refreshed by ajax to default to +1 year -1second

on desktop, the display and functionality works

on mobile chrome, version 52.0.2743.91

the display is different between policy from date and policy to date, but the on change refresh works.

when save, it gave a error as below, but after trying to change to different date and change back the same as below, i cannot reproduce the error.

on mobile firefox,version 48.0

The display is correct but the ajax refresh is not working

Hi Leo,

I really want to help you but I can't understand clearly what you want to achieve and the error you're having. Can you explain more deeply your problem and, if you can, provide an oml as example?