Training Webinars new page!

Hi Community!

Great news for all our dear developers: we've just launched our Training Webinars area at 

OutSystems TV.

Now you can find all our past webinars so you can access our content more easily with both 1st and 2nd season. 

Here's the list: 

Season 1

- Silk UI - From the Basics to Advanced Techniques
- How to Troubleshoot Mobile App Performance
- Effective Platform Server Monitoring
- Building a Live Style Guide
- From Bad to Awesome - User Experience
- System Operations: The Java Side - Part 1
- System Operations The Java Side - Part 2

Season 2
- Enterprise Grade Application Performance How-tos - Part1
- Enterprise Grade Application Performance How-tos - Part2
- OutSystems Platform Integrations and Extensibility

Oww yeah!!