String_Split conversion error

Hi everybody (those of you who didn't start the week-end yet),

I have a newbie question: I am trying to assign to a list of data type 'List of Record of Text' the output of a String_Split function.

I get attached error: "Expected 'Text Record' instead of 'Text Record'". Would anyone care to explain how to properly use this component?



Hi George,

There are two different text types:

One is a basic type and one is a structure.

The string split action returns a list of the structure 'Text'.

So my guess is your current list is using the basic type and needs to be switched to use the structure 'Text'.

Let me know if this helps,



Hi Justin,

Yes it's working, I had discovered what you mentioned beforehand but somehow I assumed that I can substitute Record of Basic Text to the Text Structure from the Text API.
A bit counterintuitive API and for a beginner difficult to grasp the difference between Structure and Record types. For example the input to String_Join is a Text Record List. But the Text itseld is already a Structure so why is it necessary to wrap it in yet another type?