Hi guys,

I have some CSS files in the eSpace "Resources" area and I would like to use them on the HTTPRequestHandler action AddStyleSheetTag.

My question is what is the URL for Resources Files, for example "file.css"

Kind Regards,

Diogo Miguel


Hi Diogo,

The URL is exactly that, "file.css". Unless you add a target directory on to your resource, for example "css", then the URL would simply be "css/file.css".

Also remember to set your resource deploy action to 'Deploy to Target Directory' to be able to reference it.

Another option, depending on the situation, would be to copy and paste the CSS into the style sheet of your application. If you were planning on making changes to the stylesheet while working within OutSystems.

Let me know if this helps,


Hi Justin,
It worked, thanks a lot.

I had tried everything, less the obvious -.-

Thanks again.

Kind Regards,
Diogo Miguel

Cool! Glad I could help.