is there an OutSystems way to implement history.back without using js? 


I pass 'javascript:history.back()' into the URL input parameter of an external URL with my button/link set to navigate. You could also add the onclick extended property and insert the code, but obviously this is using javascript. Not sure that there is a better way of doing this in OutSystems.


Yes, I know it. My question addresses towards the OutSystems way to mimics this js function.

are there any hints for this one?! 

follows attached.

otherwise you need to keep track of the visited pages in a table.

Well, the browser history, as the name indicates, is stored in the browser, so the only way to get at it is via JavaScript.

Or you could do what J. said, and implement a way to store the visited pages in a table on the server.

Or maybe you could use the breadcrumb widget. It's not really the same, but it might work.

Yes, remember that for all we know, you navigated to your OutSystems application from an external link - there's no way the server could know what came before. OutSystems code lives server side, browser history client side.