Prevent sorting when table header has additional inputs


I have table with sorting. Additionally, I have input text fields in header, under the header title text link.

If I click on the input text, then sorting works. It might be prevented by using js event.StopPropagation(). But it does not work when I hit Enter in input text field.

How to prevent sorting? How to make sorting works when the link is ONLY clicked?

Please, suggest!



Hi Dmitry,

Can you please share the screen  shot/.oml for reference because m not getting your problem exactly.

Please specify when you do not want sorting to work and when it should work in points?


Manish Jawla

Hi Dmitry,

You can achieve it by "Is Default" property of your LINK, Please make it "Is Default=True". 

It will make your link as default and Textbox will not click over Enter press.

Every Link/Button has a property "Is Default" and its providing facility to Click on Enter press.


Narendra Maheshwari