In my Save action, I have one recordlist variable and I want to pass selected records to email. 

How to achieve this?

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Hi Suraj,

The preparation action of the email screen is not a valid option to you?

Second option, create a new entity just to store the record list you want to use in the email. Then you use the preparation screen of the email to get the record list :)


Hi Thomas,

Below is my use case.
Display few records on Table Records widget. (Note: These records come from a recordlist variable)

Suppose there are 20 records on list.I am selecting 5 records out of 20 and changing approver of these records.

After this I am sending mail to new approver. Approver should see those 5 selected records in email and for that purpose, I need to pass selected records in email.

So if I am storing this recordlist in table, I will need to maintain extra table and need to do some extra database operations. So I wanted to avoid that.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Hi Suraj,

 "LISTDUPLICATE" action may help you, this way you can manage your original/updated list.


Narendra Maheshwari


Hi Suraj,

As far as the platform is concerned, e-mail is (almost) just a Screen. This means you can only pass it simple parameters, not record lists. So you can either pass a few parameters to the e-mail screen that allows you to query in the preperation, or store the information in a temporary table like Thomas suggested.

Note that you could pass e.g. a string containing comma-seperated Ids that you can use to query the right records.

@Narendra: please don't confuse stuff with bad advise. ListDuplicate is of no help here.


Thanks everybody for the suggestions.

@Kilian Sir,

I collected Ids which are updated in Save action in a comma-separated form in text variable i.e. Ids of selected records.

I passed those Ids as a Input Parameter to Email.

In preparation of email, I wrote Advance Query which fetches records based on Ids passed to it and it is working fine.

So now there is no need to maintain extra table and perform few create/update operations.

Thanks a lot.

-- Suraj B

You're most welcome. Glad it worked out ok. Note that if the list of Ids gets really long, you might want to change the strategy used, but in my experience it's possible to pass a pretty long Text parameter without problems, so I think you're safe :).


In my case max 60 parameters would be passed. In worst case maximumm number will grow to 75 not more than that. So this solution would be fine for me.

Indeed, as long as you're not passing thousands there's no problem :).

Sure. So I will need to think about the solution for thousands. But I think I will never allow users to select 1000 records single time. I will use pagination. Sometimes developers also need to be spared. :)