[BulkInsert] Oracle Bulkinsert slow

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Published on 2019-10-02 by Galter
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Published on 2019-10-02 by Galter


I am encountering a rather slow bulkinsert in Oracle.

I fear it's because of the rather cumbersome way to load the data in the params.

Why did you not use the OracleBulkCopy of the old Oracle.DataAccess.dll ?

I know it's not " managed", but at least you can keep the code roughly the same as sqlserver?

The issue I have, has got 32K records, but 1 record got 100 columns/attributes.

Hi J,

From what I read at the time, I don't remember any mentions of OracleBulkCopy being faster than array binding.

I also wanted to use the same Oracle DLL that the platform uses so I didn't need to include it in the extension. I ended up including it, without deploying it, just to avoid compilation errors when editing the code in Visual Studio, but that intention weighted on my decision.

No problem. The intention is quite correct.

There is a difference in speed, but it's not really an issue now.

Thanks for the reply!