translation fails on ajax refresh

translation fails on ajax refresh



I have a refresh of a container which holds text. the text is translated first time the contianer loads.

The container loads depending on (wrong) input of form field.

When the form field is changed to correct input the container is hidden (no message is shown).

When then again the input is wrong and the container shows it shows the original text instead of the translated text as it did the first time.

Why does this happen and how can I fix it?

Hi Edwin,

How is the translation being done? Is it the builtin translation features of the platform or are you doing it manually during the page rendering?

Also can you upload a sample module that replicates the issue?

João Rosado

I am using the build in translation feature.


This can be solved setting the application default language on session start instead of doing it on the preparation of the web screen. You can find the solution here.