How to use List navigation with data gets from REST

I'm trying to use List_Navigation for my table record which was retrieved from REST. 

   1. Retrieve data from REST, then insert to entity.
   2. Get data from entity and use List_Navigation as normal.

It's just work fine, but I think that is not a good solution. I wonder if there is other way to use List_Navigation and Data_Refresh without insert REST responsed list to entity.

Sorry for my bad English.


Hi Minh,

It's possible, but the the rest service needs to have a way for you to specify the number of return values.

If you check the usual logic for the entity/List_Navigation, it's just a query with a different value in the Max Records field. So if your Rest service can receive that as a parameter, you can do the same.

João Rosado


Thank you, João Rosado