[Google Maps] Google API key validation still required? no need to be mandatory anymore

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Published on 3 Jul (3 weeks ago) by Labs
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Published on 3 Jul (3 weeks ago) by Labs


according to the latest info on https://www.google.com/work/mapsearth/pricing/#compare-editions

having a API key is not required anymore in case the business model fits the free-pricing plan.

Can the check for having an API key present be disabled in the component or otherwise be bypassed?

If so, how?



Hi Matt,

The API key is indeed not necessary to load the JS API, since version 3. Since the component is loading version 3 I ran a quick test using the maps demo and no API key and everything worked fine.

I also checked the code and I don't see anything that would force you to use an API key. Did you try running it without a key? Can you share what are the exact symptoms you are seeing?



I looked more into the actions of the maps module. The preparation of each component call the util action that has the API key check. If its not present, the app just dies with the error message. 

so far it seems its a mandatory step for each component.

however, having found this, I believe we can bypass that check. :)

You're right, the version in the forge is still checking that. I was looking at a version that doesn't have it anymore.

Which is a strong confirmation that you can remove the check :)

Please update this thread if you run into any issues.

Thanks for confirming Daniel. In your response, it sounds like that there is a more recent version of the component...?

Would you be able to update the Forge with that version that has no API key validation anymore? It would help us in better keeping track of and maintain 3rd party component versions.



Hey, Matt,

I've been working with the team on this and can vouch that a new version is on the way, but since we've been preparing assets for a new platform version, we haven't had a window to publish on the Forge yet.

I'd say do the changes so you can proceed with development, then update to the Forge version once we release it. Remember: there won't be an automatic update, since you had to change the component; either download the application and publish it manually or republish the version prior to the changes and attempt the upgrade from there.

Hope it helps!

Best regards,

Carlos Simões


Thanks for confirming, Carlos. 

That should work for us.