Shouldn't we have a "Go to last" and "Go to first" button on List_Navigation Widget?

It seems a pain to keep clicking on 2 pages ahead or before in order to get to beginning or end. It would really be a time saver to have a button to immediately go to beginning or end of a table of records.

The buttons shown above should do the trick since they don't do anything and my customers are constantly thinking they can click on that to get to first/last page.

Hi Macro101,

I agree with you. Those are not intuitive for the users (hell, not even for me...) and imho it could be an easy win for P10 to have an upgraded list navigation widget.

Hi there!

I think that is a great idea. Let me check if we can implement this.


A long, long time ago, in the days of 4.2, the widget library we used had exactly that, a start/end navigation. We lost it when RichWidgets was introduced on (I think) 5.0. The only tricky think with "Last" is that you can't take the last X records (where X is the page size), but you need to display the last (total modulo page size records).

HI guys,

can you explain me where did you see it? are you talking about forums, or a specific component?


I think the problem is more of a general RichWidgets nature than specifically to the forums (that also seem to use that component), so I think this should be in the Idea section.

Exactly Kilian.

I didn't noticed the post was done on the New Community forums.

Hi Tiago

can you please create an idea with that?


Hi Ana,

I've elaborated on the Idea and published it here: