New features on OutSystems 10


What will be the new features for the OutSystems 10 version?  I know these are the next possibilites:


Basement Supermarket: no problem if you don't have a mobile signal, just scan your items as you shop and pay by tapping your device on the till with NFC. Now that's what I call solving real life problems out of the box !

Extensibility on steroids: choose from 1200+ plugins and make your apps do weird and wonderful things. (...)!"

But I was looking for the differences between version 9 and 10 and the really new features of OutSystems 10. 

I recall the 

i) possibility of using database in an offline base. 

Final question:

when will be available the personal version of OutSystems 10? October?


Hi Jorge,

The P10 version will be available in October, which means you will be able to either upgrade your current P9 Personal Environment or get a new P10 PE.

In terms of new features, you're right, one of them will be killer offline support as well as mobile native features, and a bunch of new UI patterns a.k.a SILK, and much more...

But since an image is worth a thousand words, a video is worth much more than I could tell you. So here you go -


Carla Sofia

I have the same is Outsystems 10 different from Outsystems 9 for a web application?


Hello Swapnil,

You can check all the new stuff we added to web applications at the end of the New in OutSystems 10. Just look for "Improvements for Web and Mobile". But be sure to skim the whole article, there's a lot of good stuff there. :)