I am trying to add an OnAfterResponse action to my espace.

I am using the Java platform connected to an Oracle Database.

The documentation (http://www.outsystems.com/help/servicestudio/9.0/default.htm#Language_Reference/System_Events/OnAfterResponse_Action.htm) says to right click Actions and select Add System Event.

However when I do this I do not see OnAfterResponse.

Infact I can only see two eventS:

OnSessionStart and OnBeginWebRequest.

Can anyone tell me why the others are missing?



Hi Robert,

I agree with you. It is really difficult to find the event... 

You can find it as a property of a consumed REST API:

and the same for an exposed REST api


Thanks for the response.

I think they should add this to the documentation.

But again when I look at this it isn't there.

Maybe it's because I am using Java

Hello Robert,

You have different event handlers depending if you are consuming or exposing a REST API:

  • When consuming a REST API you have On Before Request and On Before Response.
  • When exposing a REST API you have On Request and On Response.

In your screenshot, you are exposing a REST API and so the events that you have available are the second ones.

Perhaps this example in the documentation where these two event handlers are used can help make things clearer for you: