Indexing Field Names


I have an old application that I am trying to implement in Outsystems (version 9.1.501.0) on my laptop computer (Windows 10).  Several of the tables in my existing database are double indexed.  For example:  I have a company table with a company_ID as the unique identifier.  I also have a contact table that uses the company_ID and a contact_ID to associate each contact with a specific company.  These data associations are already established.  When I import/bootstrap the data into my new Outsystems database I don't want to lose these associations, but for the future I need the Outsystems database to assign a unique identifier for both of the tables when new data is entered.  I also need the Outsystems unique identifiers to use numbers that are beyond where my existing system will have stopped.

Company table:  Company_id*  Company_name ...

Contact table:  Company_id*  contact_id*  Contact_Name ...

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


You might take a look at a property of your entity 'Indexes'. You will get the following screen and maybe could be useful for you!