Protected Version to Unprotected


is there a way to unprotect a protected solution(ISV Portal)?

I am using the same user which had protected the solution.

But i am getting error stating"it can not be unprotected for securtiy reasons"

but i am the same user who has created the protected solution.So I was expecting that it should be unprotected

Not sure what are you asking but I think that you want to use the eSpace / application in another environment (turning off the protection of IPP)... if so, you will need this:

you only need to get teh activation code under your environment service center in ADMINISTRATION > Licensing > Activsation code.  You will receive an email after uploading the eSpace or application. Hope this help...

Hi Jorge Almeida, i have a similar question-

   How can we Unprotect the Espace protected by ISV.


Rajendra Singh