trying to join two entities to create another entity entry

I"m new to outsystems and programming in general so hopefully this is a simple question. However I'm trying to have a user filter through 2 separate entities to determine a "customer" based on a customer entity, then the user will select from two drop downs to land on the value they wish to record. 

I've successfully created a "customer" lookup and used a sequence of two dropdowns to determine a final value, so I'm proud of myself for getting that far. Where I'm struggling is now to use those two sets of data and log it against a different entity called "IssueLog". IssueLog is basically just the customerId and the issueId. Can someone please help me log this informaation to "IssueLog", I have attached my OML file. Just follow from the "CreateNewIssue" screen. 

Hi Talis,

You just have to create a logic for creating/updating an IssueLog record. All you have to do is that create a record variable for IssueLog, fill the record by assigning the Customerid and the IssueId to that variable and have it save through the CreateIssueLog action. Create an action for this so that you can use it wherever/whenever you want.

Kind regards,


Hi Cy,

Thanks for the response!! This will seem stupid I know (again, sorry but I'm new to this), but can you break it down a little further, maybe some screenshots to help? I have tried create reusable action to save these items but I've been spending hours trying to get this to function. I have reattached a new OML, any direction you can give would be hugely appreciated!!!! :)