Repetitive message in General Log Service Center


I encounter the following message every 2 minutes in the General Log of Service Center:

(System)HMAC Validation Failed in Login ScreenServiceCenter

A difference i notice is that this happens on both the development and the test environment that are hosted in the outsystems cloud and not on our production environment that is hosted on-premises.

Can someone explain what is causing this message and how to prevent it?


Hi Roel,

That seems to be a platform issue and since it's also in the OutSystems cloud you should open a support case with this issue.

To avoid lost time, export the error log to excel and attach it when you open the support case.


Thanks for the response.

I will create a case as you suggested.

I have same problem. Did you find out how to stop it or what it meant ?


The message appears incorrectly due to a security validation on the Service Center login page.
Currently the message is being logged more times than it should, but is has no effect at all in the expected behavior.

For now, just ignore it until it is fixed.

João Rosado