I am testing the LDAP integration that OutSystems platform 9.1 has build in, to be found @ <your environment>/users/ConfigureAuthentication.aspx together with the credentials of a testserver I got from https://www.forumsys.com/en/tutorials/integration-how-to/ldap/online-ldap-test-server/

But I am stuck with the error 'An invalid dn syntax has been specified.'.

My settings:

LDAP URL: ldap.forumsys.com/dc=example,dc=com

Username: gauss

Password: password

I think I had every combination of username and ldap url in combination with dc,cn parameters.

Anyone any idea where stuff is going wrong?


The problem is that the authentication extension in action LDAP_Login not concatenate the parameter HOST with the PATH parameter. You need to put the parameter PATH so with the host together:
"LDAP: // Host / dc = aaaa, aaaa dc =, dc = aaaaa

Hi Paulo,

thanks for your reply. 

I am not sure how to convert your solution to the authentication configuration page at /users. There I ave entered the config like this and only got these fields to fill in.