Combo box refresh - onChange trigger

Hi all, 

In a web screen I have 2 input fields, both combo boxes. In the example underneath 'Klant' and 'Klant Contact'. The list shown in 'Klant Contact' depends on the selected value in 'Klant'.

So I'm using the onChange property of 'Klant' to invoke a screen action to refresh the select list for 'Klant Contact' and an Ajax refresh of the 'Klant COntact' combo box ... whenever 'Klant' changes, 'Klant Contact' is refreshed ...  so far so good.

But when I use the refresh-icon in 'Klant' after changing its value, and the original value of 'Klant' is restored, 'Klant Contact' is not refreshed. Looks like the onChange is not fired when the refresh-icon is clicked.

Does anyone know how to correct this? 

Hi Charley,

I'm not familiar with the refresh/reset button. Is that a browser specific extension?