Column pattern responsive

Column pattern responsive



I'm using the column structure patterns from silkUI to control the behavior of responsivenes.
It came to my attention it is only working using the 'IsTablet or isPhone' to define when to brake.

Why isn't this working with window resize? It is ofcourse working in dev env. with the 'preview device functionallity' enabled. But once in production, the responsivenes doesn't work when the window resizes, only when accessing this via a phone or tablet..

How to fix this?



Hi Niels,

Since you're using SILK UI, can you check if you have the Device Emulation option enabled:

You should have the behavior you mentioned with it.



Hi Martins,

I do know the device emulation, and as I was saying in my post, i'm already using it.

The issue is, when not using the device emulation tool, the responsiveness dissapears... While it shouldn't :/