Hello Community,

From popup I am notifying one variable to parent screen but I am not getting how I should catch value of that variable in parent screen.

I am also not able to find NotifyWidgetGetMessage() action. I am missing something.

Please advice.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

do you use popup_editor_notify action when closing the popup?

on that note, it will not work if the popup is closed client-side (the infamous cross)

Hi J,

Yes I have used popup_editor_notify action when closing the action.

If this is not the correct way, how should I achieve this? 


It's the notifygetmessage action from (system)

Hi J

Thanks. I was looking NotifyWidgetGetMessage() action in RichWidgets but that is in System. Thanks for the refresh.

-- Sometimes I forgot small things when working on complex projects :)

Thanks again.