There should REALLY be a timeout input on feedback_message

Feedback message is awesome. But not being able to define a timeout for the message to disappear is really a glaring oversight by OutSystems.

And it should be a system-wide parameter, so one does not have to go to every single message and set it there.

Hi Marco,

Did you try this new component from forge?

For the other option for keeping a system wide parameter for timeout is currently not there but certainly you can make changes in this component and have your own component working as you wish.



Yes I did. I doesn't work. At least with version 9.1.6.

I posted a question related to that in the forum. 

Using the debugger, it shows it calls the logic, but no message appears at all.

I am using Chrome.

Still, my point is that, even if it works, one would have to change every single feedback message to a new one. Which I am doing by the way.

But this does seem to be a glaring mistake in OutSystems part: To offer feedback message without the ability of controlling the time it stays on the screen.

Anyway, thanks for your reply.