[Advanced Excel] Import data from Excel from specific Row

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Published on 2019-08-27 by Hanno
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Published on 2019-08-27 by Hanno


I need to read data from Excel and save to Record List. I was looking in to the AdvancedExcel_Sample and found 'ImportDataFromTemplate' action is apt for my requirement.

I want to consider Header from Row 12 and data from Row 13 from the excel sheet. I debugged the below work flow and ReadCell is reading only one column and I couldn't find  a way to pass values to my record list. I have 10 columns in my worksheet.

Could you please help me to read all the columns and save the data in Record List?



This extension does not have a "read all columns". You will have to read each column and each row in a cycle.

Thanks for the reply Carlos.

I am able to import excel to outsystems without using extension,that is a simple excel where Header starts on Row 1.

With my other excel(Header starts from Row 12), I am trying with this extension and as per your suggestion, we need to read data from excel to record list first in order to use for each to read each column but  I am not finding way to read data from excel as the excel sheet is not in the format of the Record list which I specified.

Could you help me in getting data from excel to record list or any format which outsystems support so that I can use that list to read each row and column?



Hi Outsystems team,

Could someone please help me in finding out the solution?



Hi Guys,

Is this problem solved? I also have the same problem with this one, can someone please give an example?

The excel file that I'm going to import also has a header that isn't placed on row 1. Is there a way to read the header from a specific row number? 


Hi all,

Did someone find a solution to import an excel with header not on row 1???


Hans, Please take a look at the sample application in Advanced Excel, as well as the Documentation tab on the component's page for examples.

If you still cannot find it, please start a new support thread and I will assist you there.