[Properties Management] Huge consumption of Application Objects

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Published on 17 Jun by Carlos Alfaro
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Published on 17 Jun by Carlos Alfaro


The Site Properties Management application consumes an huge amount of Application Objects (99 AO total), and it's impossible to install it on an OutSystems environment with a dedicated license for LifeTime with a 60 AO limit.

I think it's possible to do a module cleanup and remove unused web references and entities to reduce this AO consumption. Some objects are not used anymore.

Hi Carlos, 

Thanks for the investigation, I'm on the middle of upgrading this component to use the new SDK and on the process I will do a clean up as you mention.


Thanks Fernando.

I will wait for the new version then.

Hello Carlos,

Do you have an OS PAAS solution where lifetime is a separated server? We had the same problem (LifeTime only had 60 AO while our normal environments had 300). We made a suppport ticket and now the LT server has the same amount of AO as our other servers.

Kind regards,