Hi Expert,

I'm trying to pass a value using a Combobox using the value on the Special list and pass the value on the Screen action.

But it can only pickup the value 1 which is '0' on the Screen Action.

Can any one guid me on the right direction.

I have attach my oml for better explanation.


You have 1 variable for the whole table.  That won't work.  What you would need to do is go into the aggregate behind the table and add a new calculated field of type text.  Then tie the combo box special variable to the record list .current.(whatever you name the variable).  Also in the on change action you would want to pass in the id of that line to do something with it.


Hi Joshua

In your example the combo box variable is not bound with the table record. You need to have a way to store and get the value defined for each row.
I've attached an oml with a possible way of doing it.




Thanks for your response and sample.