[Silk UI Web] Gallery within a webblock within a tab - tab container not sizing correctly on load

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Published on 9 Mar by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 9 Mar by OutSystems R&D

I have a gallery within a webblock within a navigation\tabs content section.  The tabs load on the first tab, however when I go to the second tab that contains the gallery, the tab container is only sizing for some text that should end up below the gallery.  Note that if I put a button in there that does an ajax refresh within the gallery it suddenly resizes correctly, however when I made the button hidden and have the prep of the webblock click it after loading, it does not resize correctly.  Anyone else seen this or found a fix?

We just upgraded to the newest version of silk this week.

Quick update: setting the tabs to load on click does fix this issue however I am not a huge fan of load on click so would like to not do it that way.

Hi Jason,

You can load all your tabs simultaneously as before and have an event to capture a click on that specific "Capabilities" tab to load/refresh what you need, like:

"document.getElementById('" + Tabs.Id + "_wtTab4').onclick = function(e){
    document.getElementById('" + FixedHeaderButton.Id + "').click();

where that Tabs.Id comes from the Navigation/Tabs Silk UI widget - I gave it name "Tabs".

In my case I wanted to refresh a fixed header from a table on Tab4.

Tiago - so where would I put that text?  I understand about the id name, just not where to put that text.



I inserted that text in the "Development\JS" widget from Silk UI, at the bottom of the page triggering an hidden button:

it could also be an expression inside a script tag


cool beans, thanks!

Tiago - got this put in, looks like it fixed it!  Thank you for your help!